Monday, 26 May 2014

INBA Brisbane Classic

Saturday night I attended the INBA Brisbane Classic competition. Wow! What a great show to watch. The competitors were all so amazing and all of them looked so happy to be up on that stage showing off all their hard work. Congrats to all of them for their dedication and having a wonderful passion for fitness.
The atmosphere inside the arena was buzzing! When I arrived the place was nearly overflowing! People were struggling to find seats and the floor at the front of the stage became the only place available to sit down. According to the INBA the number of entrants is a new world record for Brisbane! Have a read of the article from their website:
I would love to attend another show in the future. It was such a positive, wonderful show to watch. Congratulations to all the entrants once again, you are all very inspiring!

Friday, 2 May 2014

Make It Happen May

Wow it's May already! I feel like the year is flying! I turn 29 this month and I'm looking forward to it! It want to look at this whole month in a very positive light so I thought it could be Make It Happen May.
Making it happen is all about you reaching your goals. Set yourself small weekly goals like: I will exercise 5 days this week for 1 hour, and then have your larger monthly goal like: I will not eat take-away for the whole month etc.
And don't forget to remember the KISS... Keep It Simple Stupid.
Making it happen could also apply to trying a new fitness class, increasing your weights or holding a plank for longer. It's all up to you to set yourself a goal this month.
So I want you to write down you May goal, put it up somewhere you'll see it every day. Now write down your goal for the week and start working towards it. This is your month, you will own it.

My monthly goal for May is to decrease my body fat percentage. I'm not a believer in worrying about what the scales say. By increasing my muscle mass I will be putting weight on. So my first weekly goal is to cut down on my treats after dinner. I believe in treating yourself every day so you don't feel the urge to binge but since Easter I have been treating myself a little more than usual! So this week I will only have a small treat after dinner on one day (probably after a hectic day).
The following week I'm planning on increasing my High Intensity Interval sessions. Normally I would do 1-2 a week so I will add in a couple extra to burn excess calories.
So lets Make It Happen this month and gain from all the positives! Good luck!